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  • Nonresident Alien No Income
  • Income <=$35,000
  • Income $35,001-$70,000
  • Income is $70,000+
  • Past Year Tax & Amendment
  • Zen Panda
    Nonresident Alien No Income
  • Red Panda
    State additional
    $49/State Only
    Income <=$35,000
  • Giant Panda
    State additional
    $49/State Only
    Income $35,001-$70,000
  • Super Panda
    State additional
    $49/State Only
    Income is $70,000+
  • Legacy Panda
    Past Year Tax & Amendment
  • Professional CPA tax filing services
  • Tax filing compliance guaranteed
  • Tailored to customer needs
  • CPA online 1-on-1 Q&A
  • Analyze your tax information, and maximize the refund
  • Foreigner Tax Treaty Deduction, minimize the tax owed

Commitment to Professionalism

We are dedicated to delivering expert tax services, customized to your needs.

  • Tax Panda Understand Your Concerns

    Professional CPA Service, No Appointment Needed

    Whether you are a student, an American citizen, a green card holder, or an investor in the United States, Tax Panda’s professional accountants can address all your tax needs, and provide you with a personalized tax filing experience. We offer an online chat service in both Chinese and English to answer any given questions, making your tax filing experience stress-free in all aspects.

  • Tax Panda Tailor to Your Needs

    Tax Compliance, Maximize Refund

    Within the last year, Tax Panda has served thousands of customers and helped them maximize refunds, totaling over 6.52 million. Our Certified Public Accountants are members of the AICPA institute and have studied the U.S. tax laws and regulations diligently. Having a good understanding of the application of tax credits and tax treaties, our team is committed to tailoring each tax return to our customers’ needs, helping them maximize their tax refund.

Why Choose Tax Panda?

·Real person prepares tax return ·Worry free professional tax returns ·CPA compliance declaration ·Maximize tax rebate

Tax filing time
Tax Panda
15 minutes
Turbo tax return software
Turbo tax return software
Traditional accountant
1-2 hours
Saving money for tax returns ——
CPA accountant helps you answer questions ——
No appointment required ——
No contact required ——
Humanized tax declaration experience —— ——
Price transparency —— ——

Tax Filing 3 Easy Steps

  • STEP 1

    Choose your tax filing plan

  • STEP 2

    Fill out a questionnaire and
    upload your tax documents

  • STEP 3

    Professional CPAs finish tax
    returns and file for you once you
    review & sign

Past customer statistics

  • 4,753cacses

    In the past 3 years, Tax Panda
    accomplished over 4000 cases

  • 6.52million

    In the past 3 years, Tax Panda helped
    customer maximize refunds
    totaling $6.52 million

  • 50 states

    In 2021, Tax Panda served
    customers crossing all 50

Tax Panda FAQ