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Please choose the state(s) where you earned income in2019 ?

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When would you like to receive your tax return?

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Do you need to file any prior year tax forms? (2018 or earlier)?

Who needs to file prior year tax forms?

If you have been living/studying in the U.S. on or before 2018, according to the U.S. laws and regulation, you will need to fulfill your tax filing obligation. If you forgot to file in the prior years, you may face penalties from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). For Non-Residents living in the U.S., no matter you have earned income or not, you will need to file tax returns to fulfill your obligation. If you forgot to file, it may affect your H-1B visa or future green card/citizenship application.

The IRS allows you to catch up on past years' tax filing. Tax Panda's professional CPA can help you take care of all the past filings all together so that you can fulfill your tax filing obligations, worry free.